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All The Extras


Alongside the band we work with the fantastic Tribe Events who can provide DJ's, Sax, Bongos, Violin and much more! If you would like to add any of these to your band package and make the night even more fabulous, please visit the Tribe Website or email us for more details.


The Best Night Ever

Most events, be it weddings, private parties or corporate events, have at least five hours to fill full of music and entertainment at night. The band perform for 2 x 60 minute sets but that leaves another three hours to fill! This is where the band would normally use their pre-determined iPad playlist to fill the gap. However, if you want to keep the energy going all night long, having a DJ / Sax / Bongos can really keep the dance floor full after the band have finished.


Tribe Events are an entertainment company specialising in weddings and high end events. We work closely alongside them to provide the best DJ's and Musicians for your event.

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